For Realtors



     Modern Time Design helps advertise listings in a new way that gives you a professional look, and shows buyers you use the best methods possible to sell their listings. The right buyer is out there somewhere, and open houses can only open up the eyes of the house to so many potential buyers. In the information age, and now with Modern Time Design, you can spread the house online easily for anyone to explore at any time. Click here for a sample tour of a house in the West Palmdale area. For real estate pricing, click here.


 Custom Flyers, Brochures, and other Paper Advertisement:



     Paper advertising gives your business a physical handout with the quality look it needs to interest potential customers. When it comes to first impressions, you want something high quality to get people in the door. Modern Time Design takes away the headache of having to find a design that will be attractive to customers and provides an affordable service that does the work for you, from designing to printing.* 

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*Printing may not be available in non-local areas.